Who is National Credit Systems (NCS)?

Who is National Credit Systems (NCS)?

We are a specialized receivables management firm helping both residential and commercial property owners recover money that is rightfully owed to them by former tenants who have not fulfilled their lease obligations.

Founded in 1991, National Credit Systems has grown to provide collection services to more apartment owners and managers than any other company in the country. We are licensed to collect debts throughout the U.S. and provide a full range of collection services to the multifamily industry.

These services include:

  1. Pre-collect programs on a flat-rate or contingency-fee basis
  2. Standard collection services
  3. In-house garnishment of existing judgments
  4. Pre-legal services
  5. Full legal services
  6. Account purchase options

As for our company culture and values, we are committed to conducting ourselves with P.R.I.D.E. - Professionalism, Results, Integrity, Determination and Excellence.

P.R.I.D.E. is a statement of our company's commitment to the positive manner in which we provide our services and conduct ourselves in performing our work. Whether we are interacting with clients, former residents, employees, vendors, or other parties, we work diligently to uphold these standards.

Why should I use National Credit Systems (NCS) for our collection needs?

Why should I use National Credit Systems (NCS) for our collection needs?

The bottom line is, quite simply, that National Credit Systems achieves higher net collection returns while providing better service for its clients. In addition, we perform our service in a professional and respectful manner, consistent with our standard of P.R.I.D.E.

We are certainly aware that you have a wide variety of options when attempting to select the best collection service provider. And quite frankly, many providers may seem similar in a number of ways. However, it is for good reason that more apartment owners and managers nationwide trust NCS for their collection needs than any other company. Countless NCS clients have reached their conclusions to use our company only after considering many other service providers and performing a thorough due-diligence.

The companies who have gone to this level of scrutiny and analysis have consistently selected National Credit Systems as their collection service provider.

What else should I know about the company, and how is National Credit Systems different?

What makes National Credit Systems different?

NCS is the only agency that provides a fully comprehensive solution to include:

  • True industry specialization with over 99% of clients from the multifamily industry
  • A full spectrum of customizable services from pre-collect to account purchase options
  • Local service from eleven NCS service representatives located throughout the country
  • A suite of online services and reporting for convenience and transparency
    • Collections Dashboard with valuable trends, statistics, and recovery analysis
    • A report scheduler for automatic monthly delivery
    • Online account submission with document upload feature
    • Former Resident Quick Search
    • Customizable account placement reminder emails
  • Integration with your property management software for quick and efficient submission of accounts
  • Advanced analytics and models to analyze your accounts and provide client feedback for improving results
  • National licensing so we can pursue recovery throughout the country
  • Technologies such as advanced telephony systems, document imaging, customized multifamily-centric software, multiple payment channels, full-time call recording, sophisticated skip tracing software, local number caller ID, live call monitoring and coaching
  • Ability to conduct Collections 101 courses for your managers